healthy Natural

Our research and development specialists are available to help you launch the exact product you want into the fast growing nutritional food industry. Consumers want healthy foods and you can deliver convenient, affordable and easy to use powder drinks.

Additionally, our parent company, Rice Bran Technologies, is a world leader in delivering whole food nutritional ingredients from Stabilized Rice Bran.


healthy Natural

Our team at Healthy Natural, Inc. has been natural product manufacturers since 1995. We have developed hundreds of natural product formulas and manufactured more than 200 million bottles of product. We have always built our success on supporting customers.

Whether it is at the beginning of a relationship with product development and laboratory samples or much further into the relationship with dedicated production lines and dedicated production rooms, we believe in customer support.

We understand that for you to succeed in the natural product marketplace, you need a product that works, tastes great and is affordable.

Whether your collaboration is with our research and development team for custom formulations, or our label design team, our specialists manage the process and produce the products in-house to ensure optimum quality control with safety measures like stringent HACCP and FOOD DEFENSE PLANS that tie into our GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES.


healthy Natural

Our team at Healthy Natural, Inc. loves the world of natural products and are members of the INSTITUTE of FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS (IFT). Additionally, we work with natural food ingredients from around the world, including stabilized rice bran manufactured by our parent company, Rice Bran Technologies.

Rice Bran Technologies and independent industry experts believe that stabilized rice bran is the most nutrient dense, all natural healthy food on Earth. The company's proprietary stabilized rice bran ingredients contain an array of nutrients and anti-oxidants, including: